Jurgen Klopp predicts what outcome will be when Arsenal visit Old Trafford

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp aimed a brutal dig at Manchester United as he predicted that Arsenal will comfortably beat them at Old Trafford in May.

Jurgen Klopp predicts what outcome will be when Arsenal visit Old Trafford

Last night, in round 32 of the Premier League, MU drew 1-1 with Liverpool. This was a match in which the Red Devils were completely overwhelmed. Even in the first half, Liverpool launched 15 shots, while MU failed to make a single shot.

This result caused Liverpool to take 1st place in the Premier League rankings from Arsenal. Currently, the two teams are equal on points, but Arsenal is better on goal difference. Notably, in round 37 (next month), the Gunners will visit MU’s Old Trafford stadium

For his part, coach Jurgen Klopp affirmed that MU will lose to Arsenal if they show a performance like in the match against Liverpool.

“Arsenal is a very strong team. If MU plays like today, it will lose to Arsenal. I am 100% sure. I’m sorry to say that. Since arriving in the Premier League, I never thought Liverpool would completely overwhelm MU like in two matches this season.

We should have won this match, that’s clear. To be 1-0 up at Old Trafford and to have a 15-0 strike rate is unbelievable. 1-0 is the lowest score we can expect,” the German strategist said after the draw with MU.

Besides, despite losing the top spot to Arsenal, Jurgen Klopp is still optimistic about Liverpool’s ability to win the Premier League.

“Liverpool fans, please calm down. We are still on track. Obviously, the current gap is not 10 points. We are still participating in the championship race and I am personally satisfied with what has happened,” the 56-year-old military leader declared.